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dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham

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Dr Al-Lami's Cosmetic Procedures, Birmingham

Dr Al-Lami is on maternity leave & will resume work in August 2018
The phone number is suspended for now.
For any queries please contact the Clinic via the e-mail provided in the website.

Anti-wrinkle injections in Birmingham is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed in cosmetic clinics. Dr Al-Lami offers high standard treatments of ant-wrinkle injection in Birmingham. The results are very pleasing and significantly improve the appearance of your lines and wrinkles.

The treatment is generally safe, nevertheless it is extremely important to insure that your treatment is performed by a highly qualified and experienced medical practitioner.

You can be assured that cosmetic treatments performed by Dr Al-Lami are safe, satisfying and natural looking.

Furthermore, Dr Al-Lami is an expert in filler treatments in Birmingham. Fillers can improve your looks significantly. They can be used as an anti-aging or beautification treatment.

Fillers are different to anti-wrinkle injections, they can restore the aging process at a deeper level. Aging doesn't only happen in the skin. Our bones, fat pads and muscles all loose volume as we age and this contributes significantly to the 'aging/tired' look. Therefore a combination of anti-wrinkle injections and filler treatments can deliver outstanding results.

For further information regarding fillers and anti-wrinkle injection in Birmingham, please contact us to book your free consultation with Dr Al-Lami.

Products used:
It is important to highlight that we only use products that are FDA approved (US Drug and Food Administration. This ensures that products have undergone the relevant clinical trials and testing standards to ensure their safety and efficacy.


  • Juvederm range
  • Belotero range
  • Radiesse
  • Bocouture

Our Philosophy of Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Medicine has become an essential part of medical care. Over the years it has promoted mental well-being and confidence among individuals who benefited from it's desirable outcomes. We view cosmetic treatment as a branch of medicine in its own right. We believe that there should be a strong emphasis on patient choice and desire and that, equally, cosmetic treatment should be bound by standards of medical practice. This includes making the care of the patient our first concern, providing high standards of practise and care and working in partnership with the patient to deliver the best outcome.

Patients should therefore feel their treatments are conducted in a safe medical environment.

dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham
dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham

Why Choose Us?

  • Your initial free consultation is always with a doctor (Dr Al-Lami).
  • All your treatments are performed by a doctor (Dr Al-Lami).
  • You will receive continuity of care as you will meet the same doctor
    (Dr Al-Lami) for all your subsequent consultations or treatments.
  • We offer a free follow-up consultation.
  • We will tell you exactly what materials are injected and why.
  • We will tell you the coast up-front and there will be no hidden charges.
  • You can ring our friendly staff for appointment bookings or any queries on a DEDICATED LINE TO Dr Al-Lami's Cosmetic Procedures (separated from the main surgery switchboard).
  • Our friendly team will answer your phone call promptly and you will not be waiting for long.
  • You are welcomed into a warm and friendly environment.
  • Our prices are extremely compatible, they reflect the high standard of medical and
    cosmetic care that you will receive. We will not cut corners and give you a cheaper service at the expense of quality.
  • Our products are all FDA approved (US Drug and Food Administration) and this ensures that all products have undergone appropriate clinical trials to ensure their safety and efficacy.

dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham

Your First Consultation

Your first consultation is approximately 30 minutes long and during this time Dr Al-Lami will listen to your needs and conduct a medical assessment. She will provide you with a clear explanation, using illustrative material if needed, to help you make your own decision and you will also be informed of the cost up-front.

Treatments are not performed on your first consultation. In accordance with the General Medical Council recommendations, it is Dr Al-Lami's policy not to perform any procedure too soon after the initial consultation as she would like to give you some time to think about the information given to you. This time is called a cooling-off period and it is usually for 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation. It is also fairer to offer you a cooling off period as you may well change your mind or want to ask further questions (which she will be more than happy to answer).

dermal fillers Birmingham botox Birmingham

Free Telephone Consultation

In addition to free face to face consultation with Dr AL-Lami, you now have the option to book a free telephone consultation with Dr Al-Lami.

Ivy Cosmetic Clinic is part of Ammar Medical Care Ltd. - Reg no: 7786204

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